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Commercial Real Estate Company Lansing MI

Woodworth Commercial was founded in 2010 by Shiawassee County native, Randy Woodworth. With Randy’s leadership and experience in commercial real estate, Woodworth Commercial has Become the commercial leader in sales, leases and listings in Shiawassee County. In 2018, Woodworth Commercial opened a second office in Okemos, bringing our expertise in Commercial real estate to the Greater Lansing Area. Our team has over 30 years of experience Representing sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants in a range of office, industrial, retail and Multi-family properties. Our Okemos office is led by Todd Kosta who has worked in commercial real estate in the Greater Lansing Area for 15 years. Todd has brokered the sale and leasing of assets valued over 100 million dollars. Todd is joined by Heather Stanley, our Director of Marketing for the Okemos Office. Heather has a background in communications, graphic design and commercial real estate; With her expertise, she is an integral part of the creation and distribution of targeted property Campaigns.


Throughout our continued growth and success, we remain deliberately limited in size for the Specific benefit of the client. At Woodworth, we are structured differently from most large real Estate brokerage companies, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to the requirements of Each client. Upon the acceptance of every property listing, we assemble a team of marketing Experts to combine our skills in developing a sales strategy to reach as many potential buyers as Possible. The client receives the benefit of a pool of talent, custom melded to produce the Desired results. In all cases, we work alongside our client, utilizing this team concept to provide Comprehensive solutions. We follow a pragmatic, action-oriented approach, bringing together Experienced specialists from all areas of real estate to implement our recommendations.