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Commercial Real Estate Services, Lansing, MI

How are we different than everyone else?

Randy Woodworth, founder of Woodworth Commercial, was born and raised in Shiawassee County. He is the only real estate professional in the area that solely deals with commercial properties; that’s why you will never see our sign in front of your neighbors’ house. Commercial real estate is our only job. It’s the passion of our company and founder to stay specialized in the commercial market.

Mr. Woodworth is the only real estate professional in Shiawassee County to be a member of the following groups or trade organizations:

  • CBOR — Michigan’s largest Commercial Board of Realtors
  • CPIX — A national commercial property exchange
  • CCIM — Certified Commercial Investment Member, candidate
  • ICSC —The WORLD’s largest commercial real estate networking organization

With that kind of specialization, dedication, and networking, it’s no wonder more businesses and owners choose to work with Woodworth Commercial than anyone else.

Market Watch

We keep constant track of new properties coming to the market and new businesses filling space. As commercial real estate specialists, it is the duty of Woodworth Commercial to be a knowledge base for what’s happening in the marketplace. Whether it’s the main retail strip, a downtown development, or industrial absorption, we are leaders in all areas of commercial property information. “If it’s happening, we’re aware!”

A Company That Focuses on Client’s Needs

Woodworth Commercial has a network of professionals providing specific services throughout the region. Despite our continued growth and success, we remain deliberately limited in size for the specific benefit of the client. Without the intrinsic confines of the large corporate model, we are able to personally be involved with particular sensitivity to the requirements of each client.

Accordingly, we are structured differently from most large real estate brokerage companies. This network functions not as independent entrepreneurs competing against each other, but as partners in a cooperative enterprise.

The hallmark of this unique structure is the team approach to client service. Upon the acceptance of any given assignment, we assemble a team of experts to combine their skills in developing the most creative solutions to the problem at hand. The client receives the benefit of a pool of talent, custom melded to produce the desired results. In all cases, we work alongside our client, utilizing this team concept to provide comprehensive solutions. We follow a pragmatic, action-oriented approach, bringing together experienced specialists from all areas of real estate to implement our recommendations.

We are proud to be the Greater Lansing area’s premier Commercial Real Estate Company. We invite you to contact us today for more information at (517) 679-8633!